I hate the new (2017) MacBook Pro's

People probably know me as the Apple Fanboy because I own Every. Single. Apple. Product but people also know me for hating Apple for some of the things they do especially recently with their new products. 

Now, don't get me wrong, the MacBook Pro is a fantastic laptop and it gets all the work that I need it to do especially for school, work, and personal projects. However, I haven't had to have a laptop serviced so quickly. 

I have to give a testament to Apple Support because they've serviced my laptop in such a short amount of time. I walked into an Apple Store, had my laptop shipped overnight to a third-party Apple Repair center, and had it shipped overnight to my home. Furthermore, the repair center actually sent me the correct laptop unlike Dell... (which is another story for another day). However, what happened having repairs done in store? The only thing I needed replaced was my speaker and keyboard. I understand that the newer MacBook's are complicated due to their thin form-factor but even having top cases in stock for same-day repair would be nice. From what I've heard and understand is that Apple is afraid of their parts leaking out into the world and being used by unauthorized repair shops. For example, from AASPs (Apple Authorized Service Providers) themselves, they are only allowed purchase parts double their standard pricing and must return the damaged part if they want to receive a refund. If a MacBook Pro top-case costs $800, they must pay $1600 in order to get the part then return the damaged part to receive the part for $800. It's ridiculous that AASPs are required to do this in order to get parts for repair. I don't understand why Apple is so afraid of their parts leaking into the wild other than that they won't be able to do repairs themselves or sell the customer a new computer even if the fix is an easy repair. 

Some may ask why I use a Mac over a Windows or Linux based computer. Here are the reasons why I don't use Windows or Linux:

  • Windows does not have a UNIX command-line interface that supports Git, SSH, and other tools out of the box.
  • Windows is not POSIX-certified or compatible out of the box without special third-party tools.
  • Windows 10 is a privacy monster with a lot of bugs and issues. 
  • Linux does not support proprietary software such as Adobe Creative Cloud and Office 365 which I use for school and work.

At the end of the day, I am a programmer and I need the tools that I rely on to work without issues. I still use every Windows and Linux every day but they're used for their own specific applications. 

I still hate the new (2017) MacBook Pro's but I will never see the perfect laptop until someone designs something that actually catches my eye. Hopefully, some day, the Linux subsystem on Windows 10 gets better.