School Projects

High School Computer Programming

This list does not include all the projects that I have done in my high school computer programming class.

[C++] Large Number Array

[C++] Square Circle Triangle

[C++] Time Addition

[C++] Guessing Game

[C++] Toll Booth

[C++] Restaurant Bill Calculator

[C++] Casino Game

Freshmen Computer Science

[HTML/JS] Dark Side of the Moon

[HTML/JS] Virtual Pest

[PYTHON] Student Loans

[PYTHON] Monty Hall

[PYTHON] Sanelib

[PYTHON] Lunar Lander

Design Project


DragonQuad is an online classifieds and communication platform for students. It was built using Node.js, AngularJS, AngularFire, Google Firebase, and Bootstrap.

Personal Projects

[ReactNative/JS] - PharmaGuide

The ultimate guide for diseases treatment and drug dosage. PharmaGuide is a free iOS and Android mobile application currently in development. PharmaGuide aggregates publicly available research articles and lays out the drug dosage for disease treatment in an easy chart for Pharmacists. It is currently being built using ReactNative.

[Python] - Cicero

This project was created for Drexel IEEE's DragonHacks 2018. The purpose of this program is to output the words it detects from the webcam.

[HTML/CSS/JS] - Sho De Wae

This project was created for Penn Engineering's PennApps Winter 2018. This maps application was made using the Google Maps API and was designed to be a funny project at PennApps.