School Projects

High School Computer Programming

This list does not include all the projects that I have done in my High School Computer Programming class and some of the code may or may not work on other computers or with other C++ IDEs. I used XCode on my Mac and Visual Studio Community on Windows for some of these projects.

[C++] Large Number Array

[C++] Square Circle Triangle

[C++] Time Addition

[C++] Guessing Game

[C++] Toll Booth

[C++] Restaurant Bill Calculator

[C++] Casino Game

Freshmen Computer Science

[HTML/JS] Dark Side of the Moon

[HTML/JS] Virtual Pest

Personal Projects

[PYTHON] - Cicero

This project was created for Drexel IEEE's DragonHacks 2018. The purpose of this program is to output the words it detects from the webcam.

[HTML/CSS/JS] - Sho De Wae

This project was created for Penn Engineering's PennApps Winter 2018. This maps application was made using the Google Maps API and was designed to be a funny project at PennApps.